Peace is made by many small actions and kind words.

Peacemakers was an art project designed and installed by Gardner & Gardner at Renfield St. Stephen’s Church, Bath Street, Glasgow on 7th July 2014 and ran until 12th January 2018.

Peacemakers developed into a profound and transformative experience for the people who participated around the loom.  Thousands of people from Glasgow and across the world, came through the open door of the Church and were welcomed, listened to and prayed for as they shared in the simple action of knitting on the loom.

Over three and a half years, the wool that was knitted was then used in different ways to interact with the architecture of the church building and the life of the community of the Church, as is evidenced by the images in this blog.  In finishing the project the wool that had already been knitted on the loom and rolled into a ball was reknitted through the loom to create a 7.5m long rug, bringing together all the many strands of wool into a unified, beautiful piece.

To everyone who welcomed, waited, listened, prayed, donated wool and in so many other ways supported and encouraged, a huge thank you.

The art of peacemaking continues . . . .


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